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Where is the location of the termination resistor?



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The CANNY 5.3 Pico does not have an on-board CAN termination resistor.
If you use CANNY 5.3 Pico as a terminal node on your custom CAN bus, you possible need to place an external termination resistor near this node.


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I have a problem, the extended frames are not working eg frame 19B5, in the attached file, do you have any idea why only the standard frames are sent and not the extended frames?

Thank you in advance.


J'ai un problème, les trames étendue ne fonctionne pas, par exemple la trame 19B5, dans le fichier joint, avez vous une idée pourquoi uniquement les trames standard sont envoyer et non le trames étendues ?

Merci d'avance.

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Re: Canny 5.3 pico - Termination resistor

You need to set a highest bit in CAN Transmit Data Register ERL for sending an Extended CAN frame. Please check "CAN Transmit Data Register ERL" description on this page: https://wiki.cannylogic.com/index.php?t … CAN_Driver


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In attached file you set ERL register to 0 not 0x8XXX. This is the reason all CAN TX frames have a Standart not Extended IDs. The IDH will not pass if E bit in ERL register is not set.


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Parfait, merci beaucoup, il faut donc changer et mettre 08 devant ERL.

Très bien, cela fonctionne.

Perfect, thank you very much, so we have to change and put 08 in front of ERL.

Alright, it works.