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Topic: Constant value more than 4 digits Hex


Is there a way in future release to allow constant value to be more than 4 digits hex?
I would like to write the entire data frame (without ID) in a constant block and then use an homemade Compostite Block to parse value in a correct order (using shifts and masking) to feed D0:D1, D2:D3 registers.
I'm quite lazy to write pair of swapped data bytes on each Dx:Dy registers.

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Re: Constant value more than 4 digits Hex

Thanks for the kind feedback and for sharing your experience with us!

It seems that I cannot promise the support for long constant values in the nearest releases of the CannyLab.
But you may be glad to know that you can carelessly use constant-only operations in the diagram. Everything that can be calculated in the compilation time will be calculated in the... compilation time and will not waste controller resources during operation in HW.

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Re: Constant value more than 4 digits Hex

Clever idea!
In line placement of the constants is simple but effective.