Topic: CAN to RS232


I have purchased a Cannylogic 7 to hopefully receive a frame from a CAN network at 1mbps and then trasmit it over RS232. Is there a standard example to cover this?



Re: CAN to RS232

CANNY 7 UART/invUART (RS232-compatible) maximum data rate is 57k6 bps

Most likely you will not be able to transfer via UART all the data received from 1M CAN. Perhaps only the most important data should be transfer.

You can find supported UART data rates list and UART TX examples here: https://cannylogic.com/docs/c7/uart/

And the CAN RX examples here: https://cannylogic.com/docs/c7/can/#sec … ve_example

I'm pretty sure you can get the solution you are interested in by combining these examples.


Re: CAN to RS232

Thankyou I will take a look.